Waldorf Education In The News

  Stanford study: Growing a Waldorf-inspired approach in a public school district

  Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education article by  Diane Friedlaender, Kyle Beckham,  Xinhua Zheng, and Linda Darling-Hammond.





Silicon Valley school with no computers  

CNN's Dan Simon reports on a school that uses a no-technology approach and how it's attractive to high-tech parents - 3/13/12



Science In Middle School
Conway Daily Sun article by Holly Fortin - 2/3/12  Download the Article here. [PDF]




Waldorf Education in Public Schools

Harvard Education Letter article by Laura Pappano - Nov/Dec 2011 Download the Article here. [PDF]

The student currently featured here is Community School student Justin Navarro. He was a rising kindergartener at the time of this photo.  He is now entering the 4th grade here at The Community School.


The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology
The Daily Nightly on by Rehema Ellis - 11/30/11 Download the Article here. [PDF]  




Preschool Tests Take Time Away from Play—and Learning
Scientific American article by Paul Tullis - 11/2/11 Download the Article here. [PDF]  





A Silicon Valley School That Doesnt Compute
NY Times article by Matt Richtel - 10/22/11 Download the Article here. [PDF]





Tech Gets A Time-Out San Francisco Magazine article by Dan Fost - 3/19/10 Download the Article here. [PDF]





Renewal Goes People Magazine
Famous Waldorf Graduates and Waldorf Families
Renewal Magazine article by Thomas Poplawsky  -  Spring/Summer 2005 Download the Article here. [PDF]




Informational Articles for Waldorf-Inspired Parents

Thank You for Making Those Socks! 
Huffington Post article by Elisa (EJ) Sobo - 8/7/12

2012 Recipients of Herbst Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence
SF Gate article/PR Web - 5/14/12

High-tech vs. no-tech: D.C. area schools take opposite approaches to education
Washington Post article - 5/12/12

Keep the fun in kindergarten, expert says
Burlington Free Press article - 5/11/12

Teaching without distraction
Ottawa Citizen article - 4/16/12

The Techno-Savvy Favor a Non-Tech Education, at Least For Their Kids 
Huffington Post article by John M. Eger - 2/22/12

Creative U
The Varsity article by Jonathan Gass - 1/29/12


Early Childhood Articles

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

NY Times article by Perri Klass, M.D. - 9/10/12

The Importance of Child's Play
Wall Street Journal article by Lenore Skenazy - 1/27/12

If We Don't Let Our Children Play, Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs? 
Huffington Post article by Darell Hammond - 10/20/11


Waldorf Resources from The Community School

Trauma Informed Care, a Waldorf Inspired Approach

April 4-7th, 2013 at The Community School for Creative Education.

This 4 day seminar was a gift to our school and community from Friends of Waldorf Education and its Managing Director Bernd Ruf and Emergency Pedagogy Coordinator Malte Landgraff.kkk

Click below to download and view the Power Point set for the 4 days.

Find attached the flyer and background reading for  Seminar:  Trauma Informed Care-A Waldorf Inspired Approach

Click below for the background reading material and agenda for the seminar:

Seminar background reading

Background readings include:

1.  Profile, Friends of Waldorf Education

Overview of Friends of Waldorf Education-the organization  of which the  visiting  Emergency Pedagogy Team is a part of.

2.  When Children Get Out of Line

By  our guest, Bernd Ruff,  team lead, out of the  team’s work in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the Waldorf-inspired Parsifal School in Karlsruhe, , which he founded. The focus of the work is trauma-informed care  based on Waldorf education for children in this urban setting.

3.  When Worlds Collapse

By our guest, Bernd Ruff, out of his team’s work in war zones,   where they brought their work in trauma informed care.  The focus of this work is acute trauma informed care, or emergency pedagogy, based on Waldorf education.

4.  Working Agenda  April 4 – 7 2013

Download photos of the seminar.

Toward the Deepening of Public Waldorf Education Urban- and Equity-Focused Waldorf-Inspired Teaching in Oakland, California

by Ida Oberman, PhD. Download article here.

Research of Waldorf Education

The Relevance of Waldorf Education for Urban School Reform

by Ida Oberman, PhD September 2007.  Download Research here.

Waldorf Graduate Survey

by David Mitchell and Douglas Gerwin, with Ida Oberman

It has taken approximately two years to formulate, conduct, and evaluate this survey of North American Waldorf graduates, starting with the first Waldorf senior class in 1943 and culminating with the class of 2005. A rich source of statistical and analytical information is now available to be mined by the Research Institute and those who read this study.  

Download the full survey here.