Teacher Aides & Support Staff


Michael Tang, Recess Support and Aftercare Aide


Mr. Mike was born and raised in Oakland. He loves teaching kids and giving the fundamentals for sports to them. Mr. Mike also likes to create good team chemistry within the kids as a group. During his spare time he is either playing basketball or taking scenic photos of nature. Whenever he takes time off to go on a vacation it is either out of state or out of the country.

Simeon Diaz, Instructional Aide / Recess Supervisor 

Mr. Diaz is an Instructional Aide as well as a the Recess Supervisor at CSCE. Mr. Diaz was born in Oakland, CA. He's also lived in Pittsburg, Daly City, and currently resides in San Leandro.  Mr. Diaz teaches Tae Kwon Do and self defense classes in Danville, he currently holds a 2nd degree black belt (going on a third.)  In his spare time, Mr. Diaz enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar, and staying healthy inside and outside of the gym.

Jennifer Lee, Oak Kindergarten Aide 

Jennifer was born and raised in Oakland and Oakland schools, graduating from Skyline High School Jennifer came to CSCE first as a parent volunteer in 2012.  The following school year she became the Instructional Assistent in the TK classroom.

Bonita ParrishKindergarten Instructional Aide

Ms. Bonita Parrish is from San Francisco, California. She attended San Francisco State University earning her first Bachelor's Degree in Speech & Communication Studies, a second Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, and a Master's  Degree in Education. She moved to Oakland ten years ago and has worked at CSCE since 2012 in classes from kindergarten to sixth grade. She enjoys working with the staff and watching the children grow, learn and be successful.

Nhan Le, 5th Grade Instructional Assistant

Ms. Le is the 4th Grade Instructional Aide.  She is a 1:1 aide that brings extensive experience in child development.  She often can be seen leading the school motto at assemblies in Viatnamese. I immigrated to America more than 25 years ago, pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Child Development, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Humanities from the Peralta Community College District. During this time, I also received my teachers permit for pre-school education. Upon completing my education, I joined the Community School for Creative Education (CSCE) five years ago. I started in the Special Education Aid and Vietnamese and Chinese translator position. After I became a more integrated part of the CSCE, I shared hobbies with the students, and now work with students to encourage creativity through handwork. We work on crafts such as crocheting, cross stitching, bracelets, lanyards and so much more. I enjoy working with the students and sharing my love for crafts with the CSCE community.

Osvaldo Segura, 3rd Grade One-on-One Aide

Mr. Segura grew up in Pinole, CA and has a passion for playing and coaching soccer. Mr. Segura played soccer in college and in SJ Academy. He came to Community School in 2017 as a one-on-one aide and is always stepping up to help others around him. Mr. Segura loves to cook different kinds of cultural foods, yet he still loves his moms cooking. 

Mrs. Jones, Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Jones has proudly administered the breakfast and lunch program at the Community School.  She has been timely and responsive to making sure that every student gets their needs taken care of during the morning and afternoon.  You will see her walking the halls with a friendly smile.

Jack Hanan, One-on-One Aide

Mr. Hanan has came to CSCE throughout another program to help fill in a role for a one-on-one aide. While he's not officially part of Community School, he has embraced the culture of our school to the point that we often forget he's not one of ours. Mr. Hanan is a jazz musician as well as an employee of T.O.R (Teachers on Reserve). He really sees each child as an individual marvel, and shines when given the chance to work with them. 

Jennifer Lee, Oak Kindergarten Aide