Community School Receives 175K Grant from the Stuart Foundation!


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Oakland, CA: Community School for Creative Education of East Oakland has received a one year grant of $175,000 from the Stuart Foundation to harness the best of direct instruction and child-centered learning to create culturally responsive learning communities with an option to renew this gift at the same level for a second year. The one-year grant brings the total monies raised by Community School over the one million dollar mark. 

Community School for Creative Education is a nonprofit organization serving East Oakland with an historic and first-of-its-kind multi-cultural and multi-lingual public school inspired by Waldorf Education.  Community School partners with Oakland Community Organization (OCO) and is part of OCO’s small schools movement to bring educational justice to the diverse communities of Oakland.   Its second strategic partner is Oakland’s Attitudinal Healing Connection (ATC), whose mission is also to advance educational justice in Oakland.

Already it is serving nearing 100 children and their families. The Stuart funds will allow Community School to deepen its work.

The Stuart Family Foundation grant, “Oakland Pathways, will be used to allow CSCE to live up to its vision that strives to exemplify a true community school where all members of our learning community (students, parents, staff and faculty) work in unison to create a child-centered and new pedagogical model for Oakland and the world. More specifically the monies will help us:

1. Support and deepen culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy by beginning with the learner using multiple modalities and measures.

2. Provide effective literacy instruction in a unique fusion of Open Court and Waldorf approaches to literacy.

3. Provide an efficacious professional learning community across the entire campus that includes individual and group study, embedded and ongoing coaching and professional development and opportunities for experiential and demonstration learning with local and national community partners.  

In the words of the Community School for Creative Education Founding Director, “The innovation of Oakland Pathways, the community creation of Community School for Creative Education, and the guidebook that will be created for urban educators will be an invaluable tool and turning point in the quest to close the achievement gap for underserved students”.

The Stuart Foundation is dedicated to the protection, education and development of children and youth.  They work toward ensuring that all children grow up in caring families, learn in vibrant and effective schools, and have opportunities to become productive members of their communities. We focus our investments on projects, programs and organizations making an impact in the States of California and Washington.

Stuart Foundation partners with selected organizations that:1) Develop and disseminate innovative programs and practices, 2) Contribute to effective public policy to improve conditions for children and youth, 3) Support and develop the potential of young people. In turn, the Stuart Foundation dedicates time, money, expertise and advocacy to each partnership.  Many of our partnerships are long-term, and some have spanned over a decade of successful collaboration


For more information on Community School for Creative Education or how you can support its community efforts, please call us at 510-516-CSCE (2723), or visit our Website at